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W-2/1099-Misc Upgrade Instructions



Year End W-2 / 1099-Misc Upgrade

Install Instructions

*Please print out these instructions for reference

  1. Click on the Download icon next to the appropirate version of MSI.
  2. Once downloaded, run the update program.
  3. Click Next on the screen that opens.
  4. On the next screen, veryfy that the installation directory is correct. By default the program assumes that MSI is located on M:\MSI but this can be changed if needed. For example, if MSI is installed on an F drive, change the installation directory to F:\MSI.
  5. Once the installation directory has been verified or entered, click Next.
  6. Click Next on the Ready to Install screen to confirm the installation settings. The program will then install the updated files. When it is done, select Finish.
  7. Exit the website.
  8. Log into Payroll
  9. For Payroll, select the W-2 Processing option from the Support Menu. For Accounts Payable, select the 1099-MISC processing Menu from the Support Menu.



The following downloads are specific to the version of MSI that you currently have installed. If you are unsure of your version of MSI, please contact support for assistance using one of the following methods:

     eSupport: https://support.harriscomputer.com

     Email:       support@harriscomputer.com

     Phone:     866-450-6696




MSI version 4.0           Contact Support


MSI version 5.0          


MSI version 6.0          


MSI version 6.5          


MSI version 7.0          


MSI version 7.5          



  The MSI Support Team has a 2 hour response commitment, and often returns calls within the hour.

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