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Welcome to MSI

Since 1986 MSI has specialized in the design, development, sale and support of software dedicated to the local government marketplace. Serving the tri-state area of Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, MSI is your local software choise

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions has enabled us to strengthen our focus on the unique requirements of government sector clients.

The MSI Suite Includes:

General Accounting Applications

Licensing Applications

Utility Billing Application

Building Permits & Inspections Application

Human Resources Application


MSI Offers the Following:

Software Solutions for Local Government

Customer Support

Making the MSI choice assures you the highest quality products and services, backed by a stable organization with a strong sense of direction.  It’s a choice we are confident you will be glad you made.


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Villages & City Halls

Local Park Districts

Accounting software for fire protection districts.

Fire Protection Districts


Accounting software for local park districts.

Building permit and inspection software for local building departments.

Building Departments,

and more...


MSI Customers Include: